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Moodle Plugins

Moodle expansions developed by the company and provided to its customers.

Moodle Plugins

Plugin Initialize activity

The Initialize activity is a WIDE Services plugin of for Moodle.

Its objective is to delete course information relating to a user, holding a relevant history of grades before deleting. The native way of Moodle for course reset deletes everything for ALL registered users and NOT holding history gradebook. By initializing the plugin you will overcome these limitations of the platform.

WS Reporting Tool

The WS Reporting Tool is a WIDE Services plugin for Moodle.

It is designed to easily produce reports on the progress of learners in the Moodle platform in all the subjects involved. The native way of Moodle for learners’ reports is based on 'per course'. There is no way to get a reference of two or more classes, and other activities. You can overcome these limitations of Moodle with the WS Reporting Tool.

AJAX Course Search Block

Ajax Course Search Block is a WIDE Services a pluginfor Moodle. This block helps in the search of your courses by category. The renewal of the courses happens real-time (AJAX), i.e. when you select / deselect a category the respective classes belonging to this class will appear / disappear, without having to refresh the page, which makes searching pleasant and fast. Perfect for eLearning platforms that have many courses and the visitor finds difficult to find the wanted class through a traditional search engine. You can see a live demo of the block in: courses.wideservices.gr