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Moodle Installation & Configuration



Each client has individual needs and different goals regarding the way he imagines the use of Moodle to organize what he represents.

Our approach to adjustment is realistic. We care for the maintenance, further improvements and performance scalability. We advise our clients to avoid the adjustments that can lead to problems.

Moodle installation & Bespoke Configuration-customization covers all settings needed for Moodle, concerning:

  • The definition of the different modes of user login to the platform
  • Setting permissions and defining the different roles that users will have on the platform
  • Courseoperation and display settings
  • User registration modes within a lesson
  • Language options γλώσσας
  • Ηome page settings
  • File management settings
  • Τext editor settingssettings
  • Activities settings
  • Automatic alerts and email dispatch system settings
  • Central menu options creation
  • Ranking settings
  • Integration with other platforms (repositories & portfolios)
  • Backup settings of the whole platform via server tools and other
  • Interface with the client’s Paypal account in order to sell online subscriptions for courses through Moodle
  • User Management (groups, roles, permissions)
  • Management courses (classes, backup)
  • Gradebook settings
  • Login methods to the platform
  • Methods of Registration in courses
  • Enable CSD - portfolios
  • Security settings
  • Server settings & Reports

In Moodle’sadvanced configuration thelanguage packs in which the platform will be available are installed, relating only to the verbal of the system, as they are available from the language packs of the software.
At the same time, a control of the system’ssmooth operation control and backup is performed.
By the end of the configuration, the platform will have exactly the functionality that the client wishes, according to the goals the client wants to achieve and the public the client wants to address, and contains much more than a simple installation of the software.

We can installMoodle on your own server or provide a complete solution to our own server.

WIDE Services - Moodle Certified Services Provider

In WIDE Services we do not simply say that we know and can provide services, demonstrate our experience and reliability, with the certifications, the official partnerships with international and domestic companies and organizations and of course with the rich CVs of our team experts! We know how to innovate in eLearning and that is why we are different and trusted...

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