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Training Seminars

WIDE Services udertakes educational seminars in modern elearning tools in small or big groups of users.

Educational seminars

The Greek Employment Agency finances the education of companies in the 'PROFESSIONAL TRAINING WORKERS (LAEK 0.25%) YEAR 2015 " program. The program is open to private businesses and public authorities. The staff that is entitled to train must be insured with IKA and subject even to one OAED Insurance Sector. The submission of that program proposal must be entered into the LAEK system twenty days before the start of the seminar.

CosylabWIDE Services with the significant experience that has in e-learning can responsibly offer the following seminars alone or in cooperation with the research group CosyLlab του University of Piraeus..


Teachers’ training with a total duration of ten (10) hours, to be held in two days, for full familiarity in the use of teacher or creator tools in Moodlecourses.

These courses are aimed at teachers who will oversee the courses and the trainees in these courses. Through the teachers' lessons, the subject covered are, among others:

  1. Course management (display and functional options, creating backups etc.).
  2. Familiarity with the teacher's tools (add educational resources, adding activities such as assessment tests, adding block plugins).
  3. Manage users (create groups, create notes for each student, communicating with them, etc.).
  4. Scores management.
  5. Monitoring course logs and reports

A teacher knowing the above can ensure a smooth educational process through a Moodle course over time.

The presentation will be made in Greek by a certified Moodle trainer-mentor. Supporting material and notes will be given to all participants.

Administrator training with a total duration of five (5) hours, to be held in one day, for full use and customization familiarity of the Moodle platform. The trainee learns everything he needs to be able to manage his own platform and familiarizes with all the available options.

These courses are intended for IT staff, who will have the high supervision and management of the platform, ensuring the smooth operation of the trainers and trainees who will use it. Through the administrator coursethe subject covered are, among others:

  1. Course management (creation, modification, categorization, etc. creating backups).
  2. User management (import massive lists, create, edit, organize, create roles, rights definition, address frequent difficulties etc.).
  3. Safety.
  4. Display issues of the platform.
  5. Monitoring platform’s logs and reports.
  6. Platform’s Backup Process

An administrator knowing the above can ensure smooth operation, maintenance and independence of the platform over time.

The presentation will be made in Greek by a certified Moodle trainer-mentor. Supporting material and notes will be given to all participants.

Certification Courses for Moodle Teachers (Moodle Course Creator Certificate). This certification service is provided only by official Moodle Partners and leads to the issue of the relevant internationally recognized Moodle certification of Certified Moodle Teacher. The name of each graduate is recorded in the global database of those who have received the diploma and anyone can certifythe holding this degree by searching with the code of the degree on the page: http://certificates.moodle.com.

The candidate learns through lessons to use and to utilize all the tools to create a lesson, not staying in the obvious like most users.

The courses cover material for all the tools that a course designer has at his disposal through Movie tutorials, training materials in .pdf format, Flipping Books, references to literature and useful examples, discussions and exchange of views via forum, chat and web conference meetings, participation in activities to familiarize with the professor tools, individual practical exercises - Teachers practice area, a safe area for experimenting with the teacher’s tools and create their own courses, Quizzes and self-testquestions, ALL standard types activities and Resource, good teaching examples, frequently asked questions and answers and glossaries, optional group activities, tips and tricks, mentors who already own the MCCC. Success rate in the final exam: 85%. Evaluation by participants of previous courses, ,successful candidates of previous courses..

In Greece issued exclusively by WIDE Services. The courses are online and do not have the physical presence of the trainee. More information about the program in www.widetraining.gr

Information about the LAEK program subscriptions: http://www.widetraining.gr/mod/page/view.php?id=5350


Educational seminars will take place on the use of various software for the creation of training material that will be posted to the lessons that will be uploaded in Moodle e-learning platform by carrier’s teachers.

Hot Potatoes and eXe are free software producing interactive educational material, namely websites or SCORM packages containing true / false questions, fill gaps, matching, single (or multiple) selection, identification and error correction and crosswords. By using them you can upload to your site your own educational content very easily!

The course aims to enable you to create such pages in the minimum possible time. Templates and examples on which to work by will be given to you, minimizing the stress of the first time.



  • 1 hour download, installation & configuration
  • Function- production of material: 2 hours for the exe and 6 hours for Hot potatoes
  • Students create their own teaching materials. Tasks: 1 hour for the exe and two hours for Hot potatoes

Total: 12 hours for the two software

Mathematical and scientific notation have their own writing and representation difficulties, especially if we require thatour student answers a blank filling question in Moodle e.g. from a simple fraction to the very complex integral Snell’s law. The math editor Wiris simplifies things and makes the process similar to a word processor. 

The important thing is that it provides more advanced options capable of producing dynamic questions, questions that have different numerical values each time that they "run"!

The purpose of this course is to familiarize you and enable you to produce such questions. Templates and examples on which to work will be given to you, helping your project.



  • Basic use of wiris editor 2 hours
  • Static questions 2 hours.
  • Dynamic questions 2 hours.
  • Introduction to wiris cas. Display data on the website. 1 hour
  • Input random data. Data types (numbers, tables, sets, determinants), functions two hours
  • Data control, selection and repetition structures. 4 hours.
  • Students create their own teaching materials. Work: 2 hours

Total: 15 hours

The camtasia is one of the most recognized video creation programs for courses and tutorials. A demonstration of recording capabilities (video capture) to create tutorials, video and audio editing, captioning, transition and import screens will be carried out.

An alternative Video lessons creation tool that has no commercial license and can be used instead of Camtasia (with far fewer options) is CamStudio.


Along with Camtasia, the purchase of Snagit software for image processing in general is proposed- a tool that can help even the novice user to create preparatory material for the course (e.g. manuals). There will be one hour additional education for Snagit.


Total duration of seminar: five (5) hours

The purpose of the program entitled “The free training Microsoft tools” is to enableteachers to develop or expand their knowledge in the development of 21st century skills through the use of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) through the free tools offered by Microsoft either independently or through the Educational Suite (Microsoft Learning Suite). This is a set of free innovative tools and educational applications, which combined with the dynamics and possibilities of Microsoft Office and of Windows, allow students and teachers to create multimedia interactive educational materials and provide a collaborative learning environment where students are active participants in the learning process.


These tools, in conjunction with Microsoft Office and Windows, allow the creation of multimedia and interactive educational material resources but also the excellent and fully harmonized synergy of these multimedia tools, including text, audio, photo, music and video. According to the philosophy of the Education Suite, the students will come together and will learn tools of Cooperation, Creation, Research and Study which will be valuable helpers in the educational process that they are called to shape every day.




  • Presentation of Microsoft and Microsoft Learning Suite tools, tool distinction in four categories - Creation, Cooperation, Research and Study, Teaching - and the philosophy behind each classification.
  • Creation Tools: Songsmith, AutoCollage, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker.
  • Collaboration Tools: Windows Live Onedrive, Mouse Mischief.
  • Research and Study Tools: Flashcards.
  • Creation Tool multimedia educational material: Learning Content Development System (LCDS).
  • Tool antivirus and malware: Security Essentials.


Total duration of seminar fifteen (15) hours.

The aim of the program entitled "Construction of dynamic websites using Joomla» is to offer all the knowledge and skills required to create dynamic websites using Joomla in the newer version, a flexible and friendly open source content management system (CMS) with many possibilities.

The ultimate goal of the seminar is on one hand to create a website and an eshop and on the other to enable students to install CMS Joomla, to understand the operation and organization of content in Joomla and how you can extend the functionality of the system by installing joomla extensions.


  • • Introduction to the Joomla environment
  • • Installing Joomla & Administration
  • • Users and permissions, security settings
  • • Organization of the content to be published
  • • Creating Menus and navigation tools
  • • Extensions and Modules - Installation & Management
  • • Creation of an online store through Virtuemart
  • • Templates application, processing and management


Total duration of seminar ten (10) hours.

Teachers, after the familiarization with the digital tools and the recovery method, will have to implement digital storytelling techniques through creative activities, while creating their own digital content. Finally, the students will learn the rubric as an evaluation and feedback process for the produced digital material.



The program is structured in four major areas: i) the methodology of digital comics in education, ii) presentation of digital tools, iii) the use of tools through creative activities and the creation of digital material, and iv) the evaluation of digital material.


The subjects of the program are the following:


  • Presentation of creative digital comics’ creation tools.
  • Creating digital material in three steps (scenario planning, story board creation, collection of material, production of digital history).
  • Overview of the process for recovery and evaluation of digital comics in education.
  • Case studies of the use of digital storytelling tools in real educational environments.


Total duration of seminar eight (8) hours.




For each of the above programs that are commercial, the purchase of the corresponding licenses of every program by the institution’s managers for each workstation is required.

The software purchase costs fall on the customer and not WIDE Services, which may in consultation with the customer can buy the software on his behalf, adapting the services and the final costs of the above offer.

If classrooms have to be rented the costs is borne by the customer.

Teachers, after the familiarization with the digital tools and the recovery method, will have to implement digital storytelling techniques through creative activities, while creating their own digital content. Finally, the students will learn the rubric as an evaluation and feedback process for the produced digital material.

All programs are directed to groups of learners up to 10 people from one or two WIDE Services teachers via LAEK program. WIDE Services’ instructors have registered LAEK rapporteur code.


ΛΑΕΚ - MCCCThe submission of the program’s proposal will have to be registered in the LAEK system twenty days before the start of the seminar.

WIDE Services with the significant experience that has in e-learning can offer you:

  • A comprehensive solution covering OAED specifications.
  • The highest-level education in Moodle in Greece, with certified Moodle Mentors from the Moodle Pty Ltd (http://moodle.com)

Contact us for more information tel.: 210 4223330 or email: info [at] wideservices.gr


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