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The Learn Moodle 3.5 Basics MOOC is a free course is designed for anybody who wants to use Moodle as a learning platform.

Our first MOOC took place in September 2013 and was designed to show how Moodle could be used to run a MOOC – which it did, very successfully!

Since 2015, we’ve been running the MOOC twice a year, showcasing the latest Moodle version and features.

We adapt the course slightly each time according to participant feedback.

Moodle Jun13One of the best things about our Learn Moodle Basic MOOCs is the support of our Moodle Partners and community members, who make the MOOC videos accessible in various languages.

If you’ve attended previous MOOCs and are wondering how you can further contribute to making our course more accessible for peers, colleagues and other Moodlers, read on!

For example, our Learn Moodle Basic 3.4 MOOC videos are available in Greek, Arabic, French and Norwegian. Our Learn Moodle Basics 3.3 MOOC videos are also accessible in these languages and more!

We talked to Yiannis Arapoglou, CEO at WIDE Services, one of our Moodle Partners in Greece and Cyprus, and a regular contributor to language translations for our MOOCs.

Moodle HQ: Yiannis, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Would you be able to please start by letting us know about yourself and how you are connected to Moodle?

Yiannis (WIDE Services): Thanks for inviting me! I am very glad to be partner of Moodle for so many years and never disappoints me!

I’ve first started working with Moodle since Autumn 2006 and during all these years I’ve grown up following all the new versions from 1.6 till the last one, I’ve seen all the changes in Moodle community, the new features, the plugins, the roadmap, the people, the Moodle Partner Network and many-many more… WIDE Services joined the Moodle Partner group at 12 March 2013. Since then, the company offers professional services in Moodle with the same values of Moodle HQ, believing Moodle’s mission and contributing to Community in various ways.

At the same time, from 2011 till today I am responsible Maintainer for the Greek Translation Pack of Moodle and also the responsible with my alter ego in Moodle, Vasilis Palilis, for the compilation of the videos that are posted by Moodle Pty Ltd on youtube.

Of course, I am trying not to miss any MOOC offered by Moodle HQ and in most of them our trainers participate in forums to support mainly the Greek & Cuprus participants, and also to get the badges!

Moodle HQ: As a previous participant of our Learn Moodle MOOCs, what are the most valuable lessons you’ve learnt? 

Yiannis (WIDE Services):
 People that choose to learn Moodle through the MOOCs become a community where trainers and trainees work together to upgrade the experience.

Everyone entering the MOOC knows that will gain except from knowledge, also personal contacts with people with the same needs, gain experience and most of all on the job practice. This is actually a great place to start knowing Moodle, to collect ideas and good examples of course design techniques from the greatest training of Moodle Community (Helen-Mary).

Moodle HQ: WIDE Services have created Greek translations for numerous Learn Moodle videos. Why do you provide this service and what are the benefits of having the videos available in many languages?

And for those interested in making the videos available in other languages, what are the commitments they need to be aware of?

Yiannis (WIDE Services): Greek and Cyprus have embraced the use of Moodle in their trainings and it was more than necessary for them, to have the material in Greek to support them.

Having the videos and all material in languages where users have adopted Moodle as one of the most widespread choice for training, actually supports and enhances even more platform adoption and expansion.

Videos should be carefully watched before starting the translation, so the meaning is understood before translation, in order to be precise and easily pass the information to the users.

Of course, the videos are localised only from Moodle Expert trainers and not just from any translator, because we always want to keep the correct meaning of the words. Have you ever heard the phase “This seems Greek to me!”? We want to avoid that!

Moodle HQ: Lastly, what are you most excited about Learn Moodle Basics 3.5 MOOC, starting on 18 June?

Yiannis (WIDE Services): Moodle is always release new versions and trying to support all training/ learning & development departments, offering tools that will simplify and organise their trainings while at the same time will validate the procedure of learning for them.

I am excited with Learn Moodle Basics 3.5 MOOC because Moodle’s latest version has many important new features that the community asked for and this is a chance to see how they can use these in their courses. As a trainer, my favourite one is the filter questions by tag!

Thank you Yiannis and WIDE Services for helping us make Learn Moodle MOOCs accessible to so many Moodlers around the world.

Visit our website for more information about their Certified Moodle Partner services.

To join us at our Learn Moodle Basic 3.5 MOOC on 18 June, register today!

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