We are fortunate enough to have trusted and recognized partners, each of which is distinguished in the field that is active, ensuring our clients comprehensive services in guaranteed quality.

 In WIDE Services we do not simply say that we know and can provide services, demonstrate our experience and reliability, with the certifications, the official partnerships with international and domestic companies and organizations and of course with the rich CVs of our team experts! We know how to innovate in eLearning and that is why we are different and trusted... We want to thank all our partners for the trusting relationships that we have developed.


  • Moodle Pty Ltd, Australia +

    Moodle Logo Moodle Pty Ltd, Australia Moodle Certified Services Provider στην Ελλάδα
  • WizIQ, Inc, India +

    Wiziqlogo1 Associate in a Web Conference system that interoperates with Moodle and at the same time is a stand-alone virtual classroom environment.
  • Accredible, Mountain View, CA,USA +

    Accredible Logo White Associate in a System of Interactive Certificates issued through the Moodle criteria to achieve learning objectives.
  • Kinems LLC, Boston, USA +

    Kinems Logo Associate in Pesonalised learning Games for children with multiple learning disabilities.
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    Epafos Consulting services, technical support and partners in national and international projects.
  • Computer Supported Learning Engineering Lab +

    Cosy Department of Digital Systems, University of Piraeus Consulting Services in e-learning issues & partners in national and international projects
  • Εκπαιδευτικός Οργανισμός Eurotraining +

    Eurotraining Partner in national and international e-learning projects.
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