Moodle Multi-Tenancy setup

Many different customers or departments of one company will use their own "piece" of Moodle that will be managed centrally by the organization offering the online courses.


Mutli Tenancy

Ideal for companies that offer online courses in many different organizations-companies that want to operate them independently.

  • A Moodle Setup with a series of online courses by the provider.
  • Import of unlimited branches (e.g. customers Ford, Honda ...) which are divided in departments (sales, support ...)
  • Each Branch is unaware of the existence of the other, although they are all connected to the same domain!
  • Each branch has a local administrator who can introduce users to the group, to give them a specific role in the lessons and create its own lessons.
  • Ideal for companies that offer online courses in many different organizations-companies that want to operate them independently.


How it works: 

When a user connects to Moodle, the Moodle Multi-Tenancy theme recognizes some items in the user's profile and presents guidance, content, styling options depending on the group the user belongs.


Targeted branding

Presents the design and options depending on user groups and an initial design for all in order to present a convincing Multi-Tenancy effect.


Host a large number of customer organizations into a single entity of your LMS. Manage different segments (customers, suppliers, partners) within the same LMS using only one database. Customers and partners can have access to their own, separate for each one, teaching content, visible only to themselves.

The Moodle Multi-Tenancy function allows one LMS only to be used by different clients. Separate parts of Moodle have the ability to be managed by central setup. Participants only share the server, they have their own databases, their own development and their own security settings that prevent users from separate groups or organizations, which use the same server, to access the content of others.By using different Moodle Instances, a company may use a separate platform to provide Online Learning Services, to separate the content portions, hierarchically or by category. Basically Multi-Tenancy is the possibility of Moodle to virtually present different structure and content depending on how and for you who wish to, while running from a common Moodle just for you.


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