Videoconferencing services.

Depending on your needs we recommend the appropriate education and modern communication tool!

Modern eLearning Platform

Wide Services provides integrated solutions of modern distance education and web conference on the most technologically advanced platforms. The packages are designed by our experienced partners after recording your needs, and thus suggesting the tool that suits the training style you use and the amount of money you want to spend.

Our packages are flexible in order to follow respectively flexible businesses. Whenever you think that your needs change, our packages can do the same. The purpose of Wide Services’ services is not to bind your Company but to support its development.

We provide support for the successful use of the application in your organization.

Unleash your capabilities now with the most professional and flexible Web Conference Services Worldwide!

With our vast experience in the field of e-Learning applications and LMS we are here to guide you and advise you depending on the size of your company.


What you can do with modern education:


Modern Education

Save time and money. Eliminate distance and time with modern educational opportunities.


Distance Learning Seminars

Organize your own distance learning and training seminars.



Organize your own distance learning and training seminars. 

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Integrate your Web Conference platform on the most recent versions of Moodle. 

The functions of Web Conference include:


User rights

Configuring user rights separately by providing complete control to you.


Management throughout the conference

Rights management of each user for the duration of the conference call.


Full control

Possibility of controlled and graded speech for professional standards



Videoconferencing from your PCs from anywhere.


Content sharing.

View presentations from electronic documents. Managing and sharing documents.



Use of whiteboard to comment on presentations.


Desktop Sharing

Sharing and viewing desktop.



Instant messaging for consultations during the meeting.



Separating users into groups during the course.



Recorded sessions stored automatically in the Moodle course.


Bidirectional Sound

Integrated two-way audio between participants located in the virtual room.



Create real-time polling with the possibility of reusing the same questions in other courses.


Archive Creation

Sessions’recording in order to enable participants to revisit whenever they want. The courses listed are stored to be retrieved and shared immediately.


Unlimited participation

There will be no restriction on the number of sessions to be held each month nor their duration.


Zero time and Zero Distance

Eliminate distance and time with modern educational opportunities.



Depending on your needs we recommend the appropriate education and modern communication tool!



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We provide Web Conference solutions with: Bigbluebuttonpartner


WIDE Services - Moodle Certified Services Provider

In WIDE Services we do not simply say that we know and can provide services, demonstrate our experience and reliability, with the certifications, the official partnerships with international and domestic companies and organizations and of course with the rich CVs of our team experts! We know how to innovate in eLearning and that is why we are different and trusted...

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