Gamification Advantages

What are the advantages of gamification?

Gamification can motivate students. Incorporating game design into the curriculum, teachers can earn and maintain student interest.

Using challenges, missions, boss levels and even dungeons, the activities of the course turn into something very interesting. These activities can help the knowledge become a part of the students, and thus achieve the course’s objectives.

After winning user attention, a reward system can enhance the contact with the lesson. Instead of using high grades to encourage your students, you can provide alternative rewards such as medals, experience points and titles.

Gamification allows students to set their own pace. With games, students are free to learn at the pace that they will choose. Games give them opportunities to choose which tasks they want to complete first depending on the knowledge each one has gained until that time, according to the course content and their capabilities.

Gamification may involve teamwork. Social tools can also encourage cooperation and support. Functions such as group discussion and speech video can be used in the best way.


WIDE Services is committed to the quality of the training material that will be developed for the customer, for the high-level analysis, planning and implementation of the final deliverables. To ensure the quality of the result, it has reached an agreement with the research CosyLab group of the Department of Digital Piraeus University Systems, scientific director of which is Mr. Retalis Simeon, Professor of the Department and member of the committee of the Graduate Studies electronic Learning Program. The research team has contributed to the production of interactive lessons of a similar level and will approve at the phase of analysis and control the final deliverable as cooperating institution.

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