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You have your own training materials, but you do not have time to organize them properly within an eLearning platform? WIDE Services undertakes to design for you a lesson in Moodle with your own training materials, good design practices, freeing you to design new material, the business development of your eLearning but mainly to keeping track of your own courses.

Ideal for:

  • Companies that have a lot of educational materials but limited time to education executives.
  • Schools-Universities with a lot of educational material and teachers that do not have the time to design the whole course from the beggining.
  • Organizations that want to have beautiful design lessons based on modern eLearning techniques.
  • Integrated Moodle course design in accordance with the training plan of the teacher, using Moodle tools and introducing for him all the educational material in the lesson.

Data entry regards the registration of the educational materials (texts, audio / video / images notes, reading / phonetics grammar exercises) and self-assessment tests with closed questions. The material will be provided entirely by the customer at the beginning of the project.

The service’s purpose is to design through successive meetings with the client educators, a model lesson which will be used as the basis for all subsequent, and NOT the creation of educational materials.

The courses are designed with best practice by certified Moodle Course Designers.

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WIDE Services - Moodle Certified Services Provider

In WIDE Services we do not simply say that we know and can provide services, demonstrate our experience and reliability, with the certifications, the official partnerships with international and domestic companies and organizations and of course with the rich CVs of our team experts! We know how to innovate in eLearning and that is why we are different and trusted...

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