Multiple Moodle Instances Advantages

Providing multiple Moodle Instances of a common facility can help your organization provide fully customized solutions for your customers and manage large and small customers with maximum security from a platform. Content sharing gives you full control of the content pieces that each customer will have access to. However, you can change the features of any use in one or some groups of clients at any time you wish.

Advantages : 

  • Using Moodle Multi-Tenancy can provide a much more efficient use of Moodle, even more cost efficient.
  • As Moodle Administrator you can manage more than one Moodle platform for multiple sites.
  • The central reporting control panel allows you to make the right decisions and to easily and instantly fix any problem.
  • As a service provider, your course library now makes it too easy to find, divide and categorize the content into separate pieces.
  • Multiple Moodle Instances can upgrade your business by giving you the opportunity to sell software infrastructure as well as the content you produce.
  • Moodle Multi-Tenancy is designed to accommodate many clients, in a way that there is no need to install new hardware or software, and of course there is no need for maintenance.
  • You will have the opportunity to configure the eLearning environment of your customers according to their needs.
  • No longer need to update each Moodle platform separately. Your changes are now running simultaneously in as many Moodle Instances you want so that you give the best to all participants easily, simply and directly.
  • You can manage your customers and have a different FrontPage and theme, so that you and your customers can have a complete Moodle experience.

Recommended for:

Mainly organizations and corporations with more than one website that could benefit from the use of Moodle. Organizations with multiple facilities in different areas that require differentiation in teaching environments. School systems that manage different schools but manage Moodle from a central system. As well as educational organizations with different clients who need their own space for their teaching.