A third party independent recognition is always a welcomed quality guarantee for our provision of eLearning services. Notably, If it comes from an expert on the field!

WIDE Services P.C. with its Training Academy, having satisfied the assessors and regulators and complied with the conditions of validation established by the ECICEL (European Centre of Independent Certification in E-Learning), has been duly admitted to Accredited Membership of the Association (Member ID: EU 1A0620C). The programs of WIDE Training Academy are already entitled for this award.

ECICEL Accredited Membership is a system of review which periodically evaluates the extent to which an institution achieves its own objectives and meets the standards determined by ECICEL. Evaluation addresses operational and curricular issues fundamental to the delivery of quality education and training, via the medium of online, distance or open learning. Consideration is also given to in-house quality control systems. Members are assessed to ensure that learners receive a product which is consistent with the values and policies set by the ECICEL. Program providers are required to undergo periodic re-assessment by ECICEL assessors and evaluators, and agree to adhere to our Code of Practice. Accredited Members have satisfied ECICEL assessors, officers, and regulatory staff that their organization, programs, and quality assurance procedures comply with the operating standards required by the Association.  We are proud for being awarded!

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