Mathisi Allagi Ppt

WIDE Services team, along with WIDE Training eAcademy, participated with presentations at the 8th Panhellenic Conference of the Hellenic Adult Education Association entitled "Learning & Change". This year's conference was held exclusively online due to the participation of researchers and academics from all over the country, on 30/09-01/10. The conference had great success, active participation and speeches by distinguished professors in the field from the USA, Europe, as well as from the Εuropean Association for the Education of Adults.

For the first time, the Panhellenic Conference introduced the innovative activity of Collective- Participatory Presentations with Activities, beyond the older common model of laboratory presentations.


WIDE Services made good use of this innovative way of presentation with an interactive, experiential Participatory Presentation with Activities on "Moodle eLearning. Current developments in learning change and inclusion from the perspective of digital distance and blended learning" that enabled those who attended to actively get involved through questions, free access and navigation in the online space of asynchronous courses on the platform, as well as to delve into the applications of good practices in the field of eLearning.


Our company, awarded for the second time as Education Contributor of the Year 2023 at the Moodle Partner Awards, continues to dynamically support its educational work in order to introduce more and more people to the possibilities that Moodle offers to the eLearning industry!