Digital Wellbeing School

WIDE Services participated in the International Online Forum of Digital wellbeing @ School, which took place on Wednesday 18/10.

Our eLearning specialist, Kyriaki Kolaini, presented "Digiland Stories" , the Digital Wellbeing Online Educational Game that was developed in the project’s framework along with Katerina Tsadima, Head Instructional Designer/ Project Manager of WIDE Services.

It is an interactive game that students and youngsters are able to access online as well as at school with their teacher’s guidance.
The aim of the game is to engage students in exploring different digital stories about young people today, which revolve around critical issues such as:

  • Effective online time management
  • Combating cyberbullying
  • Assessing the credibility of online resources
  • Responsible sharing of personal information online

The game is translated in 6 languages: English, Greek, Turkish, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.
You can watch the Online Forum by clicking on this link (“Digiland Stories”’ presentation starts: 45:57).

The “Digiland Stories availiable here