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  • Project Framework: European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training/ CEPOL
  • Duration: 04.2018 – ongoing
  • Website: https://www.cepol.europa.eu/

CEPOL is the European Union agency responsible for developing, implementing and coordinating the training of law enforcement officials.

CEPOL contributes to a safer Europe by facilitating cooperation and knowledge exchange between law enforcement officials of EU Member States and, to some extent, third countries, on issues arising from the EU's security priorities; in particular the EU's organised crime policy cycle.

CEPOL offers online support to all major learning and training services, in particular through the Learning Management System (LMS) and the audience is limited to law enforcement officials only. Online support is provided in residential courses, online courses, online courses, exchange programme, European Common Master's programme, online modules, online seminars, webinars, platforms for communities of practice, Virtual Training Centre (VTC) and reporting.

CEPOL applies a multi-layered approach to learning, which includes:

  • residential courses and seminars
  • webinars
  • bilateral exchanges through the exchange program
  • research and scientific conferences

All activities are supported by e-Net, CEPOL's e-learning platform. Through e-Net, users have access to tools and resources that support and enhance the learning experience. The e-Net platform also hosts the e-Journals service, which provides registered users with access to international scientific journals related to police science and police practices.

CEPOL's activities provide opportunities to keep abreast of the latest international developments and trends in the field of law enforcement, in particular with regard to cross-border and serious international crime.

The work undertaken by WIDE Services is to provide e-course support services (involving the preparation, design and development, implementation and evaluation) of CEPOL's 2018 e-support for training and learning activities, e-representation of courses and functional services to optimize Moodle in CEPOL's training services.

EU - National Projects

WIDE Services participates in national and international R&D projects as an active member (Partner or Subcontractor). WIDE Services usually has the role of the technical partner who undertakes tasks such as LMS, content development, MOOCs, synchronous learning, reporting/analytics, graphic design (brochures, social media pages, infographics), SCORM creation, Game development (unity), 3D, VR/AR apps, remote exam systems, custom development for web applications, creation of projects website, partner internal portal, and more.

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