• Project Framework: Erasmus+/ Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
  • Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for higher education
  • Duration: September 2016 – September 2018
  • Website: http://taleproject.eu/

The project (TALE) aims to create an efficient and sustainable training infrastructure for English Language Teachers (ELT) who wish to develop their language learning skills. It places importance on the inclusion of learners as components of an effective collaborative environment, as well as on learners themselves in assessing their own learning. To this end, emphasis is placed on how one can create high quality assessment materials and adopt appropriate assessment procedures in his/her teaching context.

The program offers 8 separate courses for open access language learning. In addition to ELTs, TALE courses can also benefit other language teachers. The main target audience of the project is:

1. English language teachers

2. English language learners

3. Civic education trainers

4. Experts and researchers in the field of language testing and assessment

5. Pre-service and in-service foreign language teachers (other than English)

Two events will be organized in each of the participating countries to disseminate the results of the needs analysis and the online training cycle, respectively. These events will mainly involve ELTs and individuals from the last three categories of stakeholders mentioned above. A final conference will be organized near the end of the project to raise awareness of the main intellectual outputs of the project: needs analysis, online course and manual.

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