SouthZEB Logo1 Achieve the necessary conditions towards the implementation of the goals established on the EPBD recast (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, 2010/31/EU) regarding nearly Zero Energy Buildings

Swing SWING project aims to create sustainable policies in Universities to enable disabled students to have equal access to learning environments and programmes. Partners collaborate in the development, selection, procurement and use of accessible IT and accessibility standards that will be available through the Accessibility Centres in Partner Countries: Morocco and Egypt.

HobaaBringing together scientists and leading researchers from both academia and industry with an interest in the fields of Business Administration and Economics. The HOBA Conference will provide a unique opportunity to discuss both theoretical and practical challenges and to exchange and share experiences and research results about all aspects of these fields.

EkepsyeΗellenic Centre of Mental Health and Research (E.KE.Ps.Y.E.) E.KE.Ps.Y.E.'s e-learning platform, a complete and constantly evolving e-learning system that supports vocational training and lifelong learning in all its phases. Specialised Mental Health & Vulnerable Groups Training Programmes. Co-funded by Greece and the European Union.

MessiniDevelopment Consortium “Messini” Development of an active support and social inclusion policy for 80 unemployed beneficiaries.


EnagronDevelopment Consortium “Enagron” Development of an active support and social inclusion policy for 80 unemployed beneficiaries. /p>

ZerowastproCapitalize on methods and tools that have been produced under other co-financed projects for zero waste management schemes at the municipal and regional level

Logo UsesponPolicy-makers and practitioners frequently don't have time to extract the most relevant information from complex and often lengthy research reports for their needs. In the context of ESPON, the ESPON Contact Points are well-placed to help with this, by identifying stakeholders' needs and communicating the relevant results to them. USESPON will allow ESPON Contact Points to create support materials and virtual learning environment (VLE) resources, as well as hold interactive events - all designed to make ESPON findings more accessible and easier to implement in practice.

M4allFully exploit the potential of motion-based playful learning experiences for children with disabilities.


Sails LogoSupport teachers in adopting an inquiry approach in teaching science at second level (students aged 12-18 years) across Europe

Preaty LogoFormative (e)assessment in primary and secondary schools is the prime focus of this project. PREATY stands for PRoposing modern E-Assessment approaches and Tools to Young and experienced in-service teachers. It aims to share ideas about formative assessment approaches and formative e-assessment tools with and amongst teachers.

SafesocialmediaInforming teachers about internet safety with the assistance of multimedia support material. Presenting ideas for activities for both teachers and parents to help students understand and protect themselves against the dangers of the internet.

RepodImproving the skills of both professionals providing support to people with DS and parents, enriching their knowledge and thus contributing to the improvement of the educational practices they adopt.

EU - National Projects

WIDE Services participates in national and international R&D projects as an active member (Partner or Subcontractor). WIDE Services usually has the role of the technical partner who undertakes tasks such as LMS, content development, MOOCs, synchronous learning, reporting/analytics, graphic design (brochures, social media pages, infographics), SCORM creation, Game development (unity), 3D, VR/AR apps, remote exam systems, custom development for web applications, creation of projects website, partner internal portal, and more.

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